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Dead Man's Party...

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I'm baack......

Just spent 2 and a half hours on my PC trying to fix my 5.1 Surround Sound. I freaking hate you Microsoft. Not because you put out lame commercials but because every time I bother updating Windows Vista with new updates and drivers my PC will decide its time to mess with me and explode. So I updated my PC with all of the new updates and everything. Now I need to update my sound card, graphics card, and some software now stopped working...ugh...

Today really hasn't been my day...11 hour shift at work..."Frankie...can you design me a business card and a 3'x5' banner for a online sex toy store? Oh and I need these approved by the client, printed, and cut before you leave today..." AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! NO I wont do it, I have a million other proofs I need to send out....!

Of course I didn't react like that in front of my boss...I just took a break...but it just got worse as the day went by. I do everything for this company and sometimes I work over my breaks just so the client is happy, oh and my boss too. I wonder how my boss will manage when I find another job..

ugh one more day of hell...I think I can get through this. One thing is for sure...I really HATE when a client comes in the last min and asks to sit down and go over a project after they knew I would be leaving in 5 mins...

I seem to be writing a lot whenever I'm upset...

I think I should be hanging around my friends more often...

Ok I'll end with something happy....I got my sound to work correctly! Now my computer doesn't sound like its about to explode anymore!

I'm sorry if this didn't make any sense, just needed to ramble, vent, etc.


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